Students are expected to be on electives for a minimum of four weeks. Students spend one week on each of three services: hematology, oncology and bone marrow transplant with the fourth week spent in the outpatient clinic. While this is the basic curriculum, students can customize these four weeks based on their interests. Students are expected to attend lectures on Monday afternoons, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and are also expected to attend the tumor boards, morbidity/morality meetings, service rounds and morphology rounds that are scheduled during their elective time.

During rotations students interact with the patients, present patients on rounds, perform pertinent literature searches and if possible, do a handful of short presentations on topics or papers of interest.

Interested students can conduct research projects within any of the three divisions. Most of these research projects are in the form of retrospective chart reviews.  Faculty mentors provide sufficient supervision and students who are interested in conducting research will be given the opportunity to write protocols and submit their proposed projects to the IRB. Students in their third and fourth years of medical school can also work on their scholarly research projects (Capstone) with mentors in our division.