Aug 6, 2015 |

An Unforgettable Summer at MLS

First, let me tell you, this has been a wonderful experience for me. Getting the chance to apply, thanks to the Center For Survivor Wellness at Columbia University Medical Center, then being fortunate enough to be selected to intern at Major League Soccer for the summer. I would have never imagined this would happen…

Kenneth Nurse, far right, with his fellow interns at Major League Soccer.

In my time at MLS, I have been a Facilities and Administration supervisor, which in a nutshell means I make sure the building stays in order. I have to interact with many people: I met the commissioner of MLS, saw some of the former US National Team players, and got to see some soccer games for free! I made new friends and have become less shy in general, which is a bonus. I also get to go all over the city to do errands, which is also fun because you always see something happening. Plus, you will never be hungry or thirsty, there are so many options available in the neighborhood! I can honestly say I have been spoiled here.

In general, this has been an amazing experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone. You will enjoy yourself with these wonderful people and have an unforgettable time!